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Mr. Vijay Mahajan is a renowned social worker.
At the childhood, he belong to a poor family, and part of backward society. Since very early age, he had doubts and desire in his mind for bringing a change in lives. By the grace of God he got education even in adverse conditions and which helped him to change his life. He got inspired to bring the change in life of others and thus got a chance to be different from others.

His inspiration and role model is his father Mr. Nand Kishore Mahajan, Who was a hardworking politician and a renowned social worker. During elections, he used to be so much busy with work that he came home after 15 days. But he never took advantage of his position for his personal matters.
He had four sons out of which Mr. Vijay Mahajan was at second number. His eldest son and his eldest brother, Mr. Kewal Kishan, who was an Income Tax Officer at the time helped him financially as well intellectually.
Seeing all these adverse conditions from his childhood he had firm determination in his mind that he will do his best in making the life better, of poor and needy people.

Thus with the grace of God he got this lucky opportunity to work for poor people in the year 1985. In earlier times he used to work alone. He used to collect funds and used to help the poor and needy parents to help them to marry their daughters and their lives.
After that in 2002 Mr. Pawan Nischal joined him and did the same task. Afterwards Mr. Anoop Mittal joined him and helped him in this charity work. Along with this, Mr. Anoop Mittal joined them with NISHKAM service of cervical pain and backaches. Then later on Mr. Kashiv Seth joined him and tried giving these efforts a shape. Afterwards Mr. Rakesh Verma joined him and the team became big. United they had a get together at Mr. Pankaj Naib’s house and the society got for its service Nishkam Sewa Samiti.

And rest is all evident……..

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