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What We Do ?

1.To organize free medical camps and provide means for rendering free medical help & blood donation to deserving persons.

2. To help the poor and needy student with study materials.

3. To arrange free marriage for weaker section and downtrodden girls.

4. To preach against dowry ,use of intoxicant and other social evils.

5. To protect the right of women against the feticides.

6. To donates free cloths to poor people according to season.

7. To provide financial help in funeral ceremony

8. To help suffering people in the case any natural or man- created disasters/accidents, calamities.

9. To provide help to dumb and deaf children in education.

10. To provide people with cultural, educational and health services.

11. Spreading awareness and Knowledge through differents sections of society.

12. Sharing women in the activities of the society and activating.

13. Helping poor people through delivering different services with little money.

14. Improving the formal education of needy students.

15. Improving the physical well-being of poor.

16. Raising awareness for different issues and struggles in daily life.

17. To provide opportunities to young people for skills development, training and employment.

18. To contribute to the quality of care and support for older people.

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