Who we are?

Being a charitable organization, we organize religious trips all over the India. Till now we have been to Chintpoorni, Jawalaji, Balaji etc. moreover we as an organization has done lot of donations at mental hospital helping the needy ladies, gents, criminals and even the young children. Moreover we have been to jail many a times providing the basic necessities to the criminals. Even we have helped the underprivileged children of low society giving them proper amenities of the life.

Even we provide them with sweaters and stationery in winter season. Also we believe a lot in organizing langars and community kitchen providing food to the needy people who cannot fulfill their needs. Recently we have started organizing medical camps so that people can get the diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, eye check up etc. We even help in getting the marriages arranged of the poor society girls. We even organize bhajans at houses of various people, to uplift the Indian culture in the world.

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K.K Mahajan


Vijay Mahajan


Anup Mital

Senior Vice President

Joginder Mahajan

Vice President

Pawan Nischal

Gen. Secretary

Rakesh verma

Office Secretary

N.K Kohli

Joint Secretary

Keshav Mahajan

Media Secretary

Ramesh Karwal

Office Superintendent

Manish Bagga

Finance Secretary

Mrs. Swaraj Grover

Consulting Member

Karan Kapoor

Legal Advisor

Kashiv Seth